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Minnesota’s first organic & fresh cold-pressed juice company.
Juice Cleanse


Cold-pressed to minimize oxidation and maximize nutrition.


Raw & Fresh

No heat.  No HPP.  Cold-pressed daily.



Made with organic / non-GMO ingredients.



Free from animal-derived substances and ingredients.



Minnesota’s first organic & fresh cold-pressed juice company.



Buy and pickup at the Mill City Farmers Market.

I love this super clean, super fresh juice.
Scott L.
This is the Best thing you can give your body !! Your body is screaming to drink this Amazing Product...Everything is Clean,Fresh,and Organic...
Tom L.
Two days into a four-day cleanse and feelin' fine. 🙂
Mill City Times
It is so good!!! Tried it today a Bylerys and LOVED IT!!
Keilee M.
The cleanse made me really conscious of what I was putting in my body and made me want to make better choices to maintain that amazing feeling.
I think I need another zula cleanse. It's time. I miss it's deliciousness.
I sampled some juice today and loved it!
Lisa B.
@DoZula we're obsessed. cannot get enough.
It's so good!
I am starting a 10 day juice cleanse from Zula Juice on Monday..........Push into yourself, regularly, or you will never know what you are capable of.
Zach P.
I am extremely impressed with your product! Everything from the ingredients to the process. If anyone is serious about their health and want a real health boost... This would be the product to buy!
Duane P.
Just ate lunch and I can't stop thinking about the #amazing #juice i got from @DoZula.
We are obsessed with Cashew Dream right now!!
Just finished my third 3-day cleanse. I feel energized, motivated, focused, and confident. I am so grateful for your quality, delicious juices. Thank you!
Nikki C.
I love the cashew one, but they're all really good.
Aisha H.
I've tried it and it is awesome juice!!!
Chris B.
After the two days were up, I felt great!
Jewell B.
Had a bottle from Mill City Farmer Market a week ago, and I've been craving ever since!
Ang L.
@DoZula Love the Beet Retreat!
Roger P.
The Beet and the Carrot are my favs... its like liquid candy. So good!
Terri W.
The flavors were great.
Jewell B.
I first tried your products @labmpls paragraph party, oh sooo delicious, wonderful products!!!
Thanks @zulajuice for the yumminess, i'm enjoying every flavor I try!
So delicious! Thank you for being a part of our newest Byerly's.