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The Beet and the Carrot are my favs... its like liquid candy. So good!
Terri W.
I've tried it and it is awesome juice!!!
Chris B.
Had a bottle from Mill City Farmer Market a week ago, and I've been craving ever since!
Ang L.
Just ate lunch and I can't stop thinking about the #amazing #juice i got from @DoZula.
@DoZula Love the Beet Retreat!
Roger P.
The flavors were great.
Jewell B.
The cleanse made me really conscious of what I was putting in my body and made me want to make better choices to maintain that amazing feeling.
I am starting a 10 day juice cleanse from Zula Juice on Monday..........Push into yourself, regularly, or you will never know what you are capable of.
Zach P.
Two days into a four-day cleanse and feelin' fine. :)
Mill City Times
I love this super clean, super fresh juice.
Scott L.
I am extremely impressed with your product! Everything from the ingredients to the process. If anyone is serious about their health and want a real health boost... This would be the product to buy!
Duane P.
Thanks @zulajuice for the yumminess, i'm enjoying every flavor I try!