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Cleanse Tips

Cleanse Prep

We recommend cleaning up your diet for a few days by drinking 6-8 glasses of water/day, weaning off of caffeine/alcohol and eliminating fried and processed foods, refined sugar (treats) and red meat. Take it easy on breads, pastas and dairy products, too. Focus on consuming vegetables, fruits, lean meats and nuts.

If your schedule allows, pencil-in time to rest when you cleanse. It may be helpful to inform friends and family of your plans.

The Order.

Though it may seem odd, we suggest beginning your day with the Lemon Skinny as the alkaline lemon/ginger combo is great way begin your cleanse. If you prefer a warm drink in the morning, you could add the Lemon Skinny to some warm water.

The Cashew Dream provides healthy fat and protein while you cleanse. Many find it beneficial to consume Cashew Dream last (a couple of hours before going to bed). Some prefer to drink the majority of Cashew Dream in the evening, but also to take sips of it throughout the day (whenever there’s an urge for something creamy and/or with texture).

Consume the remainder of the juices in any order you choose! Throughout your cleanse, feel free to drink as much additional water as you choose and drink your juice whenever you feel hungry.

Shake Well. Be Well.

Go on—shake it! The separation is a natural process. Also, remember to keep your juices refrigerated.


We can’t reiterate this enough … sleep! Resting allows your body the time it needs to heal and detoxify. If you normally consume a lot of caffeine or alcohol, you may find yourself needing more sleep than someone who doesn’t consume as much. This is your chance to take a break—take advantage of it!

Miss chewing?

Chew your juice. Chewing stimulates your digestive system and will also boost your metabolism. Avoid joining friends or co-workers who are going out to dinner or happy hour. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to chew your food in a few days. You can do this!

Need a distraction?

Read a book, take a bath or call a friend. Write down your goals. Take a walk (keep your workouts low-key … no marathons for a few days!). Sleep … even during the day!


If you find yourself too focused on food or find yourself thinking negatively, take a moment to reflect: about your life, your goals and your reasons for cleansing. We always find it helpful to think of all the things we’re grateful for in life. Cleansing is so much more than weight loss (though you will likely drop a few pounds!). One of the major benefits of cleansing is reflecting, refocusing and getting back in touch with yourself. If you allow yourself to go there! This is your cleanse. Drop any guilt you may have about taking time for yourself. You’ll be happier, healthier and better able to care for others if you take time to care for you!

Be proud of yourself!

You’re doing this for you, so if you bust and have a cup of coffee the first day, but are great in other areas, be proud! If you find that you have to chew on something, make a smart choice (vegetables). For some, cleansing is like running three miles when you’ve never jogged more than a block. Can you do it? Yes! Will some people run the entire three miles without breaking a sweat? Yes! Is it the end of the world if you walk for a block? No! It is, however, important to finish … and finish strong!

Keep in mind that while you’re flooding your body with disease-fighting nutrients, you’re also allowing your body to focus on the healing and elimination of toxins accumulated from years of exposure to pollution, chemicals, pesticide residue and alcohol (to name a few). That said, know that it is normal to experience headaches, exhaustion and even light nausea. If you are detoxing from caffeine or alcohol, you may feel agitated and require additional rest. Many feel energized, lighter and euphoric throughout their cleanse. Regardless, focus on the irrefutable health benefits of a lifestyle rich in raw fruits and vegetables!