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How We’re Different

How We're Different


  • ZULA was the first organic cold-pressed juice company in Minnesota.
  • All of our juices and cleanses are cold-pressed from organic (and non-GMO) produce.
  • Our juices are fresh and we utilize no form of pasteurization –  no heat or HPP (high pressure pasteurization).


Cold-Pressed.  Organic.  Non-GMO.  Raw.  Vegan.  Fresh (No HPP).


We are a plant-based company passionate about the (true) juicing lifestyle. All of our juices and cleanses are cold-pressed from organic produce and ready to pick up fresh and raw (unpasteurized).  Most of the cold-pressed brands available in Minnesota are pasteurized with HPP and are not fresh.

We believe juice should be organic (non-GMO isn’t good enough), fresh (HPP free) and raw (unheated) for maximum nutrient density.

Fresh, organic juice contains the highest amount of healing phytonutrients, enzymes and vitamins. Though we aren’t against HPP (high pressure pasteurization), our juices were created with cleansing and nutrition in mind rather than simply flavor and shelf-life. Though HPP extends the shelf-life of juice to 45 days, nutrients are not preserved for 45 days. Our juices are for those who know the difference and share in the belief that juice should be consumed organic and fresh.

ZULA is more than just juice. We love the arts, celebrate diversity and encourage individualism. We believe balance is an ongoing process of learning how to effectively shuffle priorities to balance mental and physical health. We also believe when our bodies are well nourished, we’re able to experience a higher state of mental clarity and make better decisions.


Raw CleanseCold-Pressed Juices

Organic. GMO Free. Raw. Vegan. Dairy- and Gluten-Free. Paleo Friendly.