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Why Cleanse?

Why Cleanse?

Juicing is all about consuming and flooding your cells with concentrated plant-based nutrition. Fresh (and organic!) juice contains an elixir of nutrients your body rapidly absorbs while giving your digestive system a break. Whether you’re someone who wants to lose weight (without depriving yourself!) or an athlete who wants to increase endurance, recover quicker and replace the nutrition lost after a long season, juice cleansing can be a great option!

1). (Super) Concentrated Nutrition. Juice gives your body a concentration of nutrients that’s easily absorbed. We use five pounds of produce to create each 16 oz. bottle of juice. Can you imagine eating five pounds of produce in one sitting? By eliminating the fiber in the juicing process, you’re able to consume more healing nutrients without the long digestion process.

  • Why does the produce have to be organic… isn’t non-GMO good enough? As juice is rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream for immediate use, so are the hundreds of chemical herbicides and pesticides in juice that isn’t organic (non-GMO isn’t good enough). Know the difference – always choose organic.

Lemon Skinny    Carrot Plunge  Daily Detox  Deep Red

2). Much-Needed Rest + Renewal. Though it’s true that our body does an incredible job of filtering out impurities, we could all benefit from a seasonal cleanse. Everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat to the products we use daily contains chemicals that slow down our body’s ability to perform at its peak. This can result in inflammation, degenerative diseases, skin issues, etc. You’re also going to LOVE that the juices were already made for you and able to be delivered (free local delivery) straight to your home or office.

3). More Energy. Taking a break from the junk and flooding your body with a pure form of plant-based nutrition will provide your body with nutrients it needs to function at its peak. You’ll have more energy and your body will run more efficiently. After each cleanse, you will become more focused and have a true appreciation of real food.

4). Weight Loss. This is a bit of an obvious one, but it’s certainly important for many people… especially great when you run into your ex the weekend after your cleanse (it’s happened!). We like to use a juice cleanse as a renewal of the mind and to help focus in on the reasons we try to eat healthy on a daily basis. Don’t let the weight come back—use a cleanse as a jump-start to a healthier lifestyle to get back on track.

Green Glow

5). Clarity + Focus. There’s so much in the world to distract us. When you take a break from food and just give your body a chance to reflect and take time for yourself while absorbing the raw nutrients, you’ll experience clarity and a deeper sense of awareness. Some notice this within the first 24 hours and others experience the difference shortly after the completion of their cleanse. Find out for yourself—Schedule your cleanse now!

Send us your questions and come see us this weekend at the farmer’s markets!

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